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Breastfeeding and Lactation Services are provided by Brisbane Lactation Consultant (IBCLC), Nurse Midwife Beth Daniell. Beth is an experienced clinician and compassionate supporter of mothers and babies.

Antenatal Consultation

An Antenatal Consultation is an individual education and planning session to help you prepare for breastfeeding and achieve your feeding goals. This service offers gentle and kind support to first time mothers and for mothers who have had a previous difficult breastfeeding experience, so that you know what to expect and have some strategies ready to overcome any challenges that may occur in the first days after birth. Beth will be guided by you on your needs and preferences. Some topics we may discuss:
• what to expect in the first days after birth
• normal infant feeding behaviors
• identifying infant feeding cues
• optimal breastfeeding positioning
• how to know if your baby is getting enough milk 
• how to hand express breast milk 
• management of common breastfeeding problems
• managing potential problems with latch, milk supply, after breast surgery and chronic illness.

Breastfeeding Consultation


The breastfeeding consultation is for families who are experiencing some feeding difficulties in the days, weeks or months after birth. This service includes taking a comprehensive history of both you and your baby/babies. We will assess your baby’s growth, weight and general wellbeing. Together, we will observe a breastfeed and discuss how feeding is going.  We will talk about your concerns and work together to develop a management plan to achieve your feeding goals. Beth provides guidance and reassurance, with respect for each individual family's needs. 

Some common breastfeeding challenges that we can assist with:
•    Pain
•    Latching issues
•    Milk Supply
•    Breast development / surgery
•    Engorgement 
•    Mastitis 
•    Premature Baby
•    Multiple Birth
•    Unwell Baby
•    Cleft lip / palate
•    Down Syndrome
•    Special Needs
•    Inducing lactation 
•    Adoption


Virtual Breastfeeding Consultation

The virtual breastfeeding consultation will provide the same service as listed above (Breastfeeding Consultation), adjusted to the Virtual setting. We will take a comprehensive history for both you and your baby,  discuss any concerns you have and help you with some strategies to overcome your concerns. Online face to face meetings are an efficient way to manage breastfeeding concerns when a home visit is not possible for example rural and remote Australian families, or families who are in a hospital setting and need urgent breastfeeding/ lactation advice.

Breast Care After Infant Loss

This service is for families who are experiencing breast changes or lactation after an infant loss such as stillbirth or neonatal death. Often mothers are unaware that they may produce milk after the loss of their baby. This can occur in the days after going home from hospital and can be both physically and emotionally painful. Managing your breasts and breastmilk supply can seem overwhelming at this time. There are a range of options available to you, whether you want to suppress 'dry up' milk supply or to collect breastmilk for keepsakes or donation. We will work with you to develop an individual management plan. 

Our Services

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